You could call me coach however…
I’d rather you call me Debbie, your biggest advocate and cheerleader who comes with a boat load of intuition, wisdom, humor and fanny kicking if necessary.
So many of us are wanting mentorship, coaching, whatever you want to call it, however the prices can be way out of our budget. At the same time, it is so vital to value ourselves enough to spend on the things that will enrich body, soul and spirit.
Why work with with me?
As I have pondered all the wonderful coaches and mentors that are available, I came to one simple conclusion for myself that deeply resonates with me. I fit in no boxes that I know of. Sometimes you just need someone to kick the can with for a couple hours or weeks. I am here to meet with you for a short portion of your journey and empower you to get moving with your passion. After meeting with me, I want you to graduate on to higher levels. That means, hire that business coach, hire that core wound coach for deeper healing (I’ve have just the person!) or that Body positive Guru! I will be behind you 100%

My intent is to get you past whatever stage is keeping you stagnant, so that you can move on to more specialized coaching, start your business, lose the weight, or whatever else I can do for you to recognize what a bad how amazing you are. You are unique, you are worth healing yourself and I believe firmly you can laugh yourself all the way to deep passion and purpose.

If you’re looking for a stuffy, clinical coach, then move on by, and it’s OK really.
I bring a wealth of spiritual and life experience to the table. I hate boxes and would not dare to put you in one either. Like the name of my business, I want to go on a journey with you to live in the freedom of Authenticity and be Authentically You.

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