Firing Ms. Perfect Workshop

Have you ever found yourself working as hard as you can, and no matter what you do, you always seem to fall short? Do you second guess yourself and compare yourself to others?
Do you struggle with any of the following?
Low Body Image
Failure to start or finish projects
Experience that feeling of “Never Good Enough?”

Did you answer yes to any of these?

Then it’s time to join other empowered women and learn to fire Ms. Perfect out of your life!

Ready to Fire?

In this workshop we will identify how Ms. Perfect shows up in your life and give you tools to fire Ms. Perfect!

We will talk about what are the consequences of letting her run the show
How she effects your office life, Love life, Family and friendship relationships.

Learn to balance your personal, spiritual and work life in a way that brings you freedom and peace.
Group Discussion
Role Playing
Create Personal Affirmations
Body Image Empowerment

Cost is $30.00 for 6 hours of fun, inspiration, letting go of false beliefs,  and  swag!

All registrants will have thier choice of a pdf version of either HashTags for Daily Living, or Dunamis Declarations.


Something For Everyone!

In this interactive workshop we will discover how Ms. Perfect has been running our lives and what steps we can take to fire her once and for all.
Their will be plenty of sharing, activities, teachings and of course fun and laughter throughout the day. Come see how amazing you really are and meet other amazing women to uplift and encourage you!

Get Ready to Fire Ms. Perfect








Got Questions?

10 + 14 =

Come join Debbie & Susan George as they take on Ms. Perfect once again in this special Zoom Webinar.

Ms. Perfect is the brainchild of Susan George, and was introduced and fired at the Real Authentic Women’s retreat in 2018.  Now 2020, it’s time to take a look and see all the sneaky ways she tries to stay in the game. and fire her fanny once and for all!